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Argh, I almost bought tickets to this race too!

Originally Posted by Rallysport View Post
I would rather watch that Camaro run around the track by itself instead of listening to that idiot toyota-loving stroke Darrell Waltrip spew worthless drivel from his soup-cooler. That guy is a jackass. Reason # 3,457 not to watch nascar anymore.....unfortunately.
I don't mind Darrell, but his brother Michael is the worst driver in Nascar, it seemed like he wrecked in almost every race last season.

Originally Posted by mutant chicken View Post
I hate nascar, bunch of rednecks racing in circles, but I might tune in with the sound turned off just so I can see the pace car ....
Aside from a small handfull of older drivers, there isn't any redneck left in Nascar. That's why I started watching a few years ago.
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