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I'm sorry but, Jeff is doing due diligence in case there is legal action. He came on here for them not us. I wonder how many cars the fbodfather has signed that don't work. I'm glad I didn't bring my 2010 pace up to CamarofestII.

I work with government contracts - suppliers do this all the time when they fail to perform.

They want us to go through the dealers so the SPC data doesn't bubble up to a level where they would legally obligated to do anything to fix it.

Jeff is their scout, they use this board for their own good, I would say they should be treated as a vendor except that would be disrespectful to the many fine vendors that truely support this board, the members and their cars.

Sorry for the rant, I've been stewing over this for quite awhile now.

A co-worker bought Hyundia(SP) last week, he raves about it, his module works, WTF.
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