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you know what, after doing some searching/researchin on this forum it look like most peoples with manual are putting down 260-270hp with added intake headers, exhaust, tune. Remember, I have no intake yet, I am still waiting for vararam.

Stock is usually seeing 245-250 manual. so if I did 270hp with stock intake than I actually think thats a ok number. Plus the owner told me that their dynojet is a bigger model and it read lower than the usual dynojet. So if thats true than that mean even my 270hp number is really conservative right?
and I think if I would of kept pulling I could of even got higher number. The dyno run went from 265-268-270, so I think I could of got higher figure because the power was just getting bigger with each pull.

Also, vince just got back to me and said this:

Vince Geglia (Trifecta Perf.) to me

show details 7:34 PM (2 minutes ago)

Those numbers are very good, I certainlywouldn’t be unhappy with them. Most guys were getting less than 260WHP withyour level of mods on the old tune.

- Vince Geglia
TrifectaPerformance, Inc.

Thats very interesting.

Well at least I have a base figure for e85 tune. Thats all it matter no more need for guessing.

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