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Originally Posted by J.L.TYCHE View Post
The H.P. seems right on with others that have LT's and exhaust with no intake.Doesnt seem bad at all.
I actually think the numbers are good. Considering a stock v6 usually dyno 240-250hp the highest on a dynojet than that mean I could of gained anywhere from 20-30hp. The only thing that I could of got the extra power is from the long tube with no cats and the new tune. So if I look at it that way than I think 270hp on a 90 degree weather is actually good still with factory intake.

At this point the number really dont mean crap since I dont have my car's stock dyno to compare with. What matters now is that I can now almost correctly see the gain with e85 tune when I go backassuming that the e85 tune will work on our car.
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