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kmprenger you are right. For some reason I thought that our stock v6 dyno around 260hp. I dont know where I got that from. It must of been the heat boiling my thought process.
I didnt realize that my dyno numbers are actually really good until I started seeing past posts of other peoples stock and similar modded dynos.
Im not too worried about todays number anyway. After all todays dyno was just to setup a base number in prep for e85 tune. Im happy with my performance so far regardless of the number.

poorman, I have to empty out the 93 gas as much as I can and after that I have to at least go through a tank or two of e85 to effectively be converted.
I am just hoping the tune can compensate for the extra 30-40% e85 to give the same gasoline effect. Vince seem optimistic about it.

If this work than I am almost sure we can see 300whp - or + without going FI. I am just lucky to have plenty of e85 in my area.
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