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Copied this from another thread just now:

Originally Posted by philthy View Post
Mine is fixed !!

After much complaining and getting Chevrolet Customer Service and the dealership service manager involved, I now have the 2011 PDIM with version DB/DB in my 2010 Camaro. For the longest time they would only agree to the DA/DX version since it was a 2010, even though I told them people were still having issues with that version.

The dealer kept saying GM would not allow the newer part to be installed on a 2010. I don't know who blinked first, GM or the dealer, but it was installed on Tuesday and I am happy to report NO issues since then with my Zune. Random works and stays on after the car is restarted, it does not switch songs at random, go back to the beginning of the alphabet, or freeze up anymore. It also indexes much faster. Only time will tell if it solved the problems completely since the issues before the upgrade were very random and erratic. So far, so good.

The woman I dealt with from Chevrolet Customer Service was very easy to deal with and very thorough with keeping me informed and checking on the progress of my repair. The only hiccup I had was when the dealer ordered the wrong PDIM. Other than that the service manager was great as well.

All I can say is be persistant, be polite in your request, but don't back down until they agree to it.
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