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Originally Posted by Angelsilhouette View Post
Great! Thanks I just called my salesperson at the dealer and described what has been said and what is needed and he said he would get with the appropriate people and get back with me as soon as he can. (And he's pretty good about getting things done for me, too.)

Related question for after I get this fixed, do the files on my thumb drive have to all be in the base directory or can they be in separate directories?
I can't speak to the DA/DX update, but I have DB/DB, and I use separate directories. In fact, I almost exclusively use the folder view when I'm searching because I've created playlists and stored them in separate folders.

You should be able to have as many directories as you want as long as you don't exceed the song limit (which I believe is 10,000). Keep in mind, though, if you have the same song in three different folders, it will count as three songs, not one. For example, if you have one song title stored in six different folders and another song title stored in only one folder, and you select "PLAY ALL" in the "RANDOM" mode, you will hear the first song six times more often than the second.

I hope that answers your question.
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