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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
LS7, converted to wet sump, with ZL1 wheels/tires = 1SS Curb Weight.

As Production-ready, currently, LS3 = 426hp, while LS7 = 505hp...maybe 500 with Camaro exhaust (remember, Vette LS3 = 430, Base...).

Co$t$? Priced as crate engines from GM PP, LS7 is LE$$ than LSA, even after purchasing the necessary controller and harness. Partial credit for deleted LS3, so...

1SS + LS7 + HD MN6 + Forged 20s + FE4 = low-$40s (BOSS money).

But ya gotta wanna do it...
I think your right.
$7,000. Difference between the LS7 & LS3. Then $31,000. For a SS1. $2,000. For the suspension. Wheels, HD drivetrain & Misc. $3,000. - $4,000. More = $43,000.+. All from the parts bin. Just think of how easy it would be to market a 427 Z28,

Oh, what dreams are made of.
I'll buy one right now! Just badge it Z28!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why not Number 3?
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