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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
What are your thoughts?

I'd buy one factory built now!
What you've speced out will cost more than a ZL1 but won't have the performance of the ZL1.

Originally Posted by toehead93 View Post
I really think the gen 5 Z28, if one is made, will be the SS + "track pack" + Z28 new engine. I think the gen 6 Z28 has more potential as rumors indicate a possible 5.5L V8 in the lineup. That could leave the SS with a new 6.2L and the Z28 with the race insprired 5.5L V8.
5.5 is simply a road race required displacement. And in race trim it make 485 HP. Meeting durability and emissions, it would make much less. Rumors

Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
Why not make a Z28 for the 5Gen? Use the LS7 before it fades into oblivion! Make a car that declares we at GM love our street/track enthusiast! A car that will be remembered for the fact that GM could and they did!
I know the ZL1 is the "it" car, but F**d has the Gt500 and the Boss. Why you ask? Two different buyers, the I want it all Grand Touring customer and the corner carver/track customer. The Z28 would/could be a parts binner. It would market itself no doubt.
Just build it!!!
Just build it, but would you pay for the LS7? And do you really think you can get a non MR car to handle better than a ZL1? There is a reason why the ZR1 has's really, really good.

Just questions.

Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
LS7, converted to wet sump, with ZL1 wheels/tires = 1SS Curb Weight.

As Production-ready, currently, LS3 = 426hp, while LS7 = 505hp...maybe 500 with Camaro exhaust (remember, Vette LS3 = 430, Base...).

Co$t$? Priced as crate engines from GM PP, LS7 is LE$$ than LSA, even after purchasing the necessary controller and harness. Partial credit for deleted LS3, so...

1SS + LS7 + HD MN6 + Forged 20s + FE4 = low-$40s (BOSS money).

But ya gotta wanna do it...
Not simply a matter of wanting to do it. Needs a SOLID business case on top of the SS and ZL1. But your math seems in the ball park. An LS7, forged wheels and HD trans for a 10 to 12,000 dollar premium.

Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
I like your math
What's not to like?

Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
I think your right.
$7,000. Difference between the LS7 & LS3. Then $31,000. For a SS1. $2,000. For the suspension. Wheels, HD drivetrain & Misc. $3,000. - $4,000. More = $43,000.+. All from the parts bin. Just think of how easy it would be to market a 427 Z28,

Oh, what dreams are made of.
I'll buy one right now! Just badge it Z28!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why not Number 3?
Have to keep in mind, the parts might be there but there is a TON of engineering to get them all put together and actually handle a race track. I know you guys want to think it's easy. It's just not.

But hard work is what we're all about at GM, so ..................................

Originally Posted by GearBangr View Post
LS7 block
LS7 crank
PM rods
LS7 pistons
LS3 heads and intake

470 HP 470 TQ

There, 427 inch motor, way cheaper than LS7
and more under the curve power than a hopped up LS3
But you've just created an even lower volume engine. And that means hand built at Wixom. And that still means BIG $$$$.

So you are just eliminating the titanium $$$ bits then?

Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
If it can be kept to 3,800 lbs. And RWHP is 435 we get a 11.99 1/4 mile at 113.5 mph.
I say bring the Boss(?) on!
Sounds like you want a drag car, not a track car.
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