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Originally Posted by jmart53 View Post
Alright I have my paperwork from the dealer, just picked it up today... this proves that I got the 2nd to newest PDIM module 20927509 [DA/DX] under warranty from a TSB for my 2010 Camaro SS. You will see it as item 4 on the receipt. "FOUND PIC 5260 ORDER MPIN TO CORRECT. REPLACES MPIN A PROGRAMMED PER TSB- OK NOW."

I wasn't able to get the TSB number from them(sorry), they said they threw away the paper... but this is a step in the right direction anyways
This is now the 3rd to newest. There is a new one out that just came out a month or so ago. We have sold a few of them already. In one of these PDIM threads someone has posted the part number and the HW/SW version. I'm not in the office right now so I forget the part number.
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