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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
Not simply a matter of wanting to do it. Needs a SOLID business case on top of the SS and ZL1. But your math seems in the ball park. An LS7, forged wheels and HD trans for a 10 to 12,000 dollar premium.
There isn't a single component, here, that doesn't already exist and/or isn't GM-certified/validated, now or shortly.

This is not a new concept... All manner of Camaro-based support for a BOSS-specific competitor exists, and has since well before the BOSS appeared...

Serious discussions occurred in Summer/Fall-'09, regarding this type of Package. Through an enterprise well-regarded by GM, but ultimately lacking Team support, then; the supply of cars was given as the "issue" and, as you know, "two-sticker" Programs are "banned". But that was "then"...and this is "now". Since then, ZL1-specific components await: trans, HD driveline, brakes, wheels/tires; FE4 is now developed.

Just how many Camaros, as spec'd above, does the Team need to create a Spring-'12 Launch? 2,000? 5,000? 2-per-Dealer?

Float this specific idea in HRM, or Motor Trend, or CandD, or Camaro Performers and see what the response is. Fulfilling the above numbers would happen!

Regardless of the numbers required, I can GUARANTEE you 1...Black-on-Black, hold the stripes!

Oh, and the name? Does anyone need to ASK?!

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