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Funny, in 1970, there were 3800 lb. SS396/M40/C60-loaded...and they did not enjoy the structure or the "safety/technology" of the current versions...

Two-sticker? SLP (SS/Firehawks) wore two from GM, one from SLP, but sold and warranted directly by GM Dealers.

As to a de-contented LS7, first of all, it doesn't exist...and therefore must suffer through all the certification/validation processes (time/$$$$) arrive at a place with lower power/lower redline/less durability (perhaps) and LESS VALUE. Powdered rods tossing heavier, bigger-bore pistons is not my idea of "performance" and, ultimately, may save little/nothing per low volume (relatively) unit.

Go with the BEST you have, that meets Production criteria...NOW! Built, as I say (and the Market reality would be), in low volume, any added costs and complications simply endanger the Business Case...
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