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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
Funny, in 1970, there were 3800 lb. SS396/M40/C60-loaded...and they did not enjoy the structure or the "safety/technology" of the current versions...

Two-sticker? SLP (SS/Firehawks) wore two from GM, one from SLP, but sold and warranted directly by GM Dealers.

As to a de-contented LS7, first of all, it doesn't exist...and therefore must suffer through all the certification/validation processes (time/$$$$) arrive at a place with lower power/lower redline/less durability (perhaps) and LESS VALUE. Powdered rods tossing heavier, bigger-bore pistons is not my idea of "performance" and, ultimately, may save little/nothing per low volume (relatively) unit.

Go with the BEST you have, that meets Production criteria...NOW! Built, as I say (and the Market reality would be), in low volume, any added costs and complications simply endanger the Business Case...

It doesn't exist? Well build it. That's what car companies do right?
I bet a 7.0 LS3 would do just fine. Not good enough? Do an LS7.
Too expensive? Well your outta of luck then. A z28 that performs as it should
Is not gonna come at less than 40 to 45k. Might be better off if they just not build it
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