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Originally Posted by Mr T View Post
Again, I ask the same questions to the powers to be (but rarely get an answer) if Ford can figure out how to develop, certify, and produce a model specific engine (i.e., Boss 302!) WHY CAN'T GM!!! Does not make any sense to me, all I have heard are excuses about durability, certification, yada yada
yuada, whatever.

Lets hear from GM!!

Don't get me wrong, I love the Camaro--just can't figure out 1) why it takes GM so long to respond to other companies product, 2) why they are not LEADING, and 3) why they always have excuses about tweaking engines for specific output. Just my $00.02

Who says they are not leading? I still dont see Ford with a 2 seat sports car that can rival the Vette

What product have they not responded to from Ford? The Boss that JUST came out?? Besides the fact that it just came out who says you have to have a competitor for each car the other guy has. If you have to have a competitor then I say GM is leading... see Vette comment above
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