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Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post
Camaro is still out selling the Mustang.... Honestly how many people really cross shop between the two? Seems to me us car guys like one or the other and cant stand the other
There's a difference between "enthusiast" and "fanboy"... I don't belong to a single Mustang forum, anywhere, but I DO like, and will consider (if GM sits idle), a BOSS. And I don't think I'm alone... The ZL1 is NOT "my cup of tea". I refuse to pay a TON of extra dough for something that is NOT a crisp canyon carver. And yes, a ZL1 will set you back at least 10-15% MORE than this "Zee" should be... To ME, that's a TON of dough. And it would stair-step the V8 Camaro price ladder: 1SS = low-mid-$30s; 2SS = mid-upper-$30s; ZL1 = $50+; Z/28 = $40s...

I, for one, was happy when Z28...or Z/28...was NOT used as a name for what we now know as the ZL1. NOW, we have a window of opportunity for THIS Gen Camaro for a REAL Z/28. And, although it's not a new concept, or even MY concept, the one outlined here by me is as close as is likely do-able, this time around, for close-to-BOSS money AND results...
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