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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
BTW, to those who use the excuse the LS7 is near its end etc., call GM PP and see if they're interested in selling you a truck-load of LS7s. I know the answer: "Where would you like them to be delivered?" "Are you sure you wouldn't like more...?"

As to "reading minds", I too am an enthusiast...and will spend MY hard-saved buck$ where I get what I want...and that, friends, is as it should be.

My allegiance, and my wish? As stated by "the concept"...I was, after all, "involved" in the '09 still-born "program"...
Well maybe I misread your earlier posts, but it seems like were on the same page.
If they make an LS7 z28, I will buy one. I agree with everything you said there.
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