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Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post
Its not even out yet.... you just assume its not going to be a canyon carver. I on the other hand have full faith that it is going to shred canyon roads!

I guess we will just have to wait and see!
4000+ lbs, even with MR, will NOT be the scalpel I desire...and I'm sure your buddy JusticePete, off the record, will appreciate the difference.

I'm the guy that had a '68 Z/28 back in the day, when people thought 396/375 was the only way to go. Sure they kicked my ass for a 1/4 mile, but on the turn to the return road, I got to say, "B-Bye!". I'm paraphrasing...

I'm not maligning the ZL1...I don't have $50-55K to play with. If I can save 200lbs. on the nose with similar wheels and tires and brakes, and therefore increased cornering capabilities without MR, and leave the best part of $10Gs in my pocket, I'm a happy dude, dude!

That's the difference between owning, and NOT owning, your Silverado SS, roughly...
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