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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
Plopping. Sorry but it isn't plug and play. Shno hit it on the nose. Still a LOZt of work to do for any powertrain change. Just cuz it seems simple s
Doesn't mean it is.
I don't believe anyone thinks it's easy, after all the government is involved. OUCH!
what we've done is point out that a Z28 can be done and done much more simply and with less cost because the pieces all exist. This is an incredible head start for any manufacturer. This should not only speed up the process but cut cost. It will assist in paying for the engineering and certification of the Camaro. It should even lessen the cost of the LS7 and the ZL1 since some of its parts will be used. All this while explosively aiding in keeping the Camaro out front. It appears to be a no brainer.
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