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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
I want them to win shot for shot too, and I imagine most Camaro enthusiasts would like to see it so I wouldn't say you're in the minority. The problem is, how many would actually buy a Z28 and only a Z28 instead of a SS or ZL1? Unless its thousands per year, they don't have a very strong case to do it. I myself might be inclined to buy a Z28, but I bet I would be just as happy with an SS. People like me don't really help the business case for a Z28 since GM isn't really going to gain anything from me unless they have a substantially higher profit margin on the Z28. Same goes for those who would be caught between a ZL1 & a Z28.

Now, they might do a Z28 as we more or less envision it. They might not. But if they do, I can't see GM saying anything about it until the ZL1 is out and that is over 6 months away as is.
We've been told that the Camaro is very profitable. All this is doing is expanding the brand. It's also filling in a price point gap. Think of it as a small, medium, large & X large drink. People buy on two basis need/want and ability to afford. I personally and it sounds like others can afford more than an SS but not as much as a ZL1. I, dare I say, we also want more factory performance than an SS (just look at the aftermarket).
What I keep getting back to is that it can be done and there is a crowd that wants it. I'll say it again "does anyone think a Z28 will not sell?"

And would you really be as happy with an SS as a Z28? Really??
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