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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
First you know where I stand on this.
They have to make money. For years they didn't have to, but now they do, and should!
But this is doable. It's reasonable. And will be profitable. And yes even though I'm a Camaro guy through an through the Boss pulls at me. It does what I want my Camaro to do, right from the factory at the right pricepoint. I know the various reasons the Camaro is a better car than the Mustang, but GM is not building the Camaro I and some others want. And yes I believe the ZL1 was/is a smart move. You even chose the name I was hoping/pushing for on the forum. It as a business move makes sense. You have the Corvette "Brand" now work on having the Camaro "Brand" so it never disappears again!!!
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