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Originally Posted by Asian Zero View Post
REAL nice car man. you ever think of gettin T2 ports? Your set up is just about exactly how i want my car (except mines IBM not SW) with added T2 ports. What i really wanna know is hows the up keep on that especially since its your daily. I live in illinois and i drive mine about 60 miles a day and my car stays clean for approx. 1 day before it needs to be cleaned again. Summer is killin me especially with the bugs....

Well driving her more than 200 miles and 4hrs per day does cause some additional cleaning than most cars.. to be honest I just run it thru a car wash every other day thats it. The wheels are super easy to clean cause all I have to do is wipe them down after I wash her. To me, its really easy, the guys at the car wash know me and give me a

I am not sold on the T2 ports because I am not sure how I would do the DRL's.
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