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JL Audio install

OK, got her back from JL Audio! Let me tell you, above all- what a class-act company! Absolutely amazed at every aspect of my dealings with JL, including the follow up!

The deal: they get my car to design a stealth-box for the vert's, and rights to photo and use images for advertising, I get a complete "Slam-Pack" system, installed, free!

This consisted of:

-Dual Stealthbox sub-enclosures, each containing a TW5 slim 10" subwoofer (less than 2.5" thick)

-C5 replacement door speakers

-Customized capacitor for stock tweaters

-XD 700/5 amp

Complete wiring/installation/brackets/harnesses to include a custom bass level knob under the steering wheel.

All together the process took a little over 3 weeks. Extreme Performance, proud sponsors of Camaro5 (and Treasure Coast Camaro 5) arranged the deal and transported my vehicle via flatbed to JL Audio. Upon completion, I went to personally pick up my car. I was given a full tour of the facility, demonstrated how everything was made from prototype to shipped product, what a process, and what an excellent facility!

Finally- my car! (I will be adding more pix as I take them over then next few days- components are tucked away in there good, not easy to get good pix!)

FIT- Inside, everything looked completely stock, minus the absence of the Boston Acoustic logos on the speaker Bill! Trunk- at first glance, you don't see a thing. However, if you look low and deep into the trunk, under the safety tarp that seperates the trunk from the recessed top, you can see a "U" shaped box in there. The concave in the center allows for some access to what little space there is under the tarp, while the stealth boxes hold the speakers, downward firing in the apex of the curve. The amp, was mounted in the spare tire compartment, next to the battery, litterally taking up absolutely zero usable space.

SET-UP- The JL amp is running the front speakers and the subs. Meanwhile, the factory amp, is powering the rear passenger factory speakers, the rear factory sub was removed.

SOUND- Let me preface this by saying I've never owned a professionally designed, installed system before. Initially, using their demo CD, I was completely speechless. The sound was crystal clear and the bass, a tight, pounding that you could feel as well as hear, a far cry from the factory "Premium" system. I noticed a very distinct "stage" presence to the system with the vocals phased toward the front center of the car, with the music on the sides in perfect stereo and the low end from behind. Took some getting used to that type of seperation in a car, but wow.

The bad... then I took out the demo and put in an MP3... I never realized how much quality is lost in compressed files until then. The bass was lacking and the highs seemed flat and muddy. I spoke with JL and they're going to custom tweak it to my liking next week.

THE GOOD- in the mean time, I did a little snooping and discovered the gain settings... the bass was set at 2.5/10, while the highs and mids were at 3.5/10. Well, a little tweak to the radio EQ and bumping the bass up one level- and magically, its a SERIOUSLY BAD ASS SYSTEM on any music format! Absolutely amazing sound!

I litterally drove around aimlessly for hours tonight listening to the music!


(Pix- first 3 are courtesy of JL Audio during the install, and depict the custom tweeter capacitor, the replacement door speakers, and the amp placement- mind you, none of the items are in their neatly packaged, final state. The remaining pix are of the stealth box in the trunk. Plz bare with the grainy cell-phone pix, wie has the camera!)
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