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Congratulations again on your acquisition, your ride is nothing short of AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL!! You have some nice mods too, sounds like your SS/RS really means business! Thanks for the too! Sorry I didn't post easlier, recent work travel and getting our car has had me really busy. But now I'm gong to subscribe to your thread, which I didn't think to do before. Don't want to miss any new info on your baby!

Your engine badges look sweet, that will keep the question from being asked allright! I like option #3 the bext, badge on the rocker cover up with the raised Chevrolet letters.

Beautiful now, gonna look even nicer!! Btw, I decided on no stripes on my IOM as well, at least for now. Btw, hoping to see you 26 June at RICOA!

Originally Posted by TRC-SS View Post
Ive made my decision.................NO

I will be selling mine....I just love the sleek look of the car with out now i can put a sweeet hood on the car and not worry about stripes

Originally Posted by TRC-SS View Post
Got My new Camera today.....Time to go take new photos and new videos

Got the New Sony NEX-5 Camera, 1080p HD videos and HD Photos

Could of got a Sinister Hood for the price of this damn thing......
Originally Posted by TRC-SS View Post
New Engine Cover came today....just in time for tonights show!!

Cant beat it for $110 bucks

Now i still need to decide on where to place my emblems.

I also have one Leftover Retro SS badge i thought would look good under the v8 symble..

Check out the Photos with options im thinking.

Option 1- 6.2L LS3 emblem in center only

Option 2- 6.2L emblem with SS emblem (its white, with chrome edge)

Option 3- 6.2L emblems below Chevrolet wording

Option 4- 6.2L emblems and SS Retro Emblem

These are my Choice and scared to pick one, cause once its on....its on
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