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Thumbs up Camaro ZL1 to get >550hp, Auto Option, ZR1 Traction Management, Production Q1 2012

Originally Posted by garfin View Post
It's official! Al Oppenheiser announced today in Oshawa that an automatic transmission will be available in the ZL1, as well as the Performance Traction Management from the ZR1!

No price, performance numbers or HP numbers, but Al did say that the ZL1 is being engineered as the ultimate drag strip car as well as the ultimate track car... and that you will be seeing numbers in the next few months that will "astound" you.

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Also confirmed:

-- Al was pretty clear the the HP numbers WILL be HIGHER than the 550 the the CTS-V has and that the price will not be disclosed.
-- Al, also said that production is in the 1st quarter of 2012, but would not get any more specific.

Nice option for those that want it!
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