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Originally Posted by Shurenuff View Post
I wonder if the PTM will be standard or available as an option or a part of a "track pack" similar to what the GT500 offers? Any word on this or was it just mentioned that it would be "available".

I'm thinking if it isn't standard (in order to keep the entry level price down) and they do offer this theoretical track pack, the light weight SSX wheels would be a part of the package.

Original post was ambiguous about the PTM being standard or available, and I wondered the same thing. If the grammar is correct, our Home Page is reporting Auto trans as an available option and the PTM as standard equipment on ZL1.

The Camaro Permagrin widens even more.

Now we can shift gears and start fantasizing about the "Guaranteed to be astounding" HP numbers we'll get in a few months.

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