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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I'm optimistic they can avoid the GG tax to further compete with the GT500...we'll have to see.
This would be very nice, but I fully expect to pay a GG tax. And with comments like this below, comments that make me very happy, I'll gladly pay the tax.

Originally Posted by TLSTWIN View Post
Al was pretty clear the the HP numbers WILL be HIGHER than the 550 the the CTS-V has and that the price will not be disclosed.
I definitely don't want compromises in regards to power for the sake of avoiding the GG tax. If they can somehow pull off both at the same time, great, but all out performance for me is the number one goal not avoiding the tax. Al's words are very encouraging to say the least, so I have faith they won't cripple power output to avoid the GG tax.

Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Generally...with things like MRC, and traction control systems, they're standard features. All the engineering and programming that goes into dialing these systems for the Camaro would be wasted if it's not standard.

People thought the SSs FE4 suspension tuning would be optional, but it's standard. I don't think they specified on PTM, though.
I'm sure you are right, it definitely makes the most sense that way.

I'm just thinking in line with the ZL1's main competitor, the GT500. I have a hard time rationalizing how they are going to offer all these features standard and will be able to offer the vehicle around the GT500's approximate 48-49k starting price point. Even if the ZL1's starting price point was just a few thousand more, it would be a great performance bargain.

I'm just wondering if they will hold back a few performance features at the entry level to compete with the entry level GT500 price and offer the all out performance featured version at a higher price. I believe the GT500 with the track pack runs mid 50's, so I'm wondering if GM will implement a similar pricing and option strategy.
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