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To add more info - yes I only drove it through the parking lot so speed was limited, but the feel of the power and the sound of the engine was there BIG time if only in first gear.
The experience was amazing and I probably missed alot details but these are the items I noticed on my drive:
engine bay is amazing and the strut bar is a different shape than the convertible
hood vent air extractors are functional and designed along with the new lower grille to work with the air flow and cooling of the engine bay
the entrance into the ZL1 is easier because the bottom of the steering wheel is flat
the whole feel of the steering wheel is enhanced with its suede wrapping
the seating felt more of a wrap around comfortable gripping seating enclosure
the clutch is full and smooth
surprising backup camera in the rear view mirror is great for function and safety and really good degree of angle of view
although I didnt have a chance to get it up to any top speed, the wheels were sure able to spin easily along with what will be know in the future as "the ZL1 exhaust music"!!!!
I didn't race it - I cruzed it - but I was the first and it is the newest addition to the Camaro family that we want to adopt and I loved it!
I will try to post more photos soon
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