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I think if we look at what SLP has done with the ZL585 Camaro with regard to performance in their package, I would think that GM can also get the same or better results from an in house GM Performance package. Check motor-week to see what I'm basing my opinions on. Remember GM and SLP have done business in the past with the Fbody cars so I think that what SLP is offering is reliably in the direction GM Performance might be headed with ZL1 but with more sophistication and proven reliability built in. Heres the video from Motor-week:

I talked to Mr. FbodFather himself in Atlanta at the Fbody Gathering where he allowed me get up close with the ZL1 and he reassured me that this thing will be one hell of a performance car, BAR NONE. He said it would not be cheap but it would clearly cost lest than the CTS-V and that if you could not get a ZL1 when it goes on sale, then a car from SLP might be an option that would be more than suitable. He asked me what my track of choice would be, 1/4 mile or road coarse, I replied road coarse because the events lasts longer and I wanted to spend as much time as I could in her and still stay happily married. Scott stated that the ZL1 would be a road coarse terror. This is a video I took with my cell, excuse the quality of my videography skills but I was kinda giddy with excitement.

I would guess high 40K to low 50K for base price. I think I need to save more money for down payment and contact Becky D. @ Rodgers Chevy for assistance in my next purchase. I would love to have my car by the time the Camaro Fest III comes around next year.

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