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you got it

Originally Posted by C4 View Post
i want to thank you all for making it to our car show and i had a blast with you all at the flying saucer.....

it was good see my old and making new friends.....

by the way i love yalls t-shirts. the design on them are sick...
please let me know when yall get some more. i want one....
red and white if possible.

please let me know if you all have a car show. so that i can rally the guys and
make it down there for the show and some

thanks for the support you guys rock...
hey man it was great seeing you again. its been a while....thanks for the hospitality and showing up at the flying saucer. had a good time, and yea no problem we are ordering a new batch of shirts, you can beleive yours will be in that order
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