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Originally Posted by Apex Chase View Post
I missed his post but I did respond and PM him as well.

Here is some info on the rust issue you asked about.

"Racing Brake is the first company to introduce an EDP (Electronic Deposition Paint) rotor surface coating to the market. The EDP process penetrates and provides an even coating to all crevices and corners and can withstand up to 250 hours salt spray test. In comparison, zinc plating usually leaves vanes and other hidden surfaces un-plated and may last less than half the time of EDP in a salt spray test. After EDP, the rotor is sent back to production line for the last process - double crosscut grinding on the friction surfaces. This most important final step assures flatness and parallelism and provides the ideal surface for break in unlike inexpensive zinc plating, which impedes break in and may hide imperfections."

The reason I ask is because when I wash my car the rotors rust before I can get done and it gets all over the sheels immediately when driven. REALLY sucks. lol
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