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This Camaro is obviously taken the nation by a storm. Coupled with the Transformers marketing, it is the premier sports car in America at the moment. In actuality, I think the Camaro's 8 year layoff actually helped because its return brought such an uproar of enthusiasts anticipating its return that it launched with a bang. The Mustang has always been around, yes it has been updated, but the Camaro of 2010 revolutionized the sports car.

Everybody sees Mustangs out there, but I still have people staring at my car, and even taking pictures of it. Nobody does that with a Mustang. Why? Because they see the Camaro as "that car in that cool Transformers movie." And that's a good thing. It's got such an aura that whenever I tell people I have a Camaro, they automatically have a connection with it. The Mustang is ingrained into our culture so it will always be there, but the Camaro has taken a leap in its status as not just Chevy's pony car, but America's pony car.
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