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Originally Posted by Blade View Post
Manual or Auto: Automatic

Mileage at the time of dyno: 20,500 approx

3rd/4th gear pull: 3rd

Type of dyno and Model: Dynojet

Date/Time/Temp: 5/16/2011/5:59 PM/HUMID (Can't remember lol, but HUMID)

Modification at the time of dyno: See sig

Dyno result: 262 RHP & 247 RTQ

Done at Precision Dyno, N. Belmont, NC 980-522-0839
Almost as same as my number. I dynoed 270 on 3rd gear, and 264 on 4th gear with vince's newest tune, long tube headers and exhaust. If I had an auto my 3rd gear run probably would of been very close to yours.

It seem more of us actually dyno lower than there are peoples that dyno high on dynojet. Your dyno number is just another indication that our stock car would have dynoed in around 230-240.

Your place wouldn't happen to have dynojet model 248x now would it??
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