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Now this is COOOOL.

There are 4 different sets of rims on the car. They are surely testing wheel sizes as well. There's so much that go into the testing.

I can see the door sills on the bottom...they are there. It looks to be the same to me as on the concept.

Yes, I CAN see the air intake mesh grill thingy in front of the rear tire in pic #4. It's there. Obviously, there's a white triangle over it. But, you can tell it's there.

No, I can't see the reverse lights anywhere on the pictures. They have done a seriously good job at covering up the features of the Camaro.

Now...why do you think there are two Mustangs sitting beside the Camaro? Hmmm.....for testing purposes? Let's run them together? See how they compare side by side? Just to make sure every area has been covered to make the Camaro that much better.

This is great news folks. I can't wait for more pix. Now, if we can only get the photographer to get up closer and snap some more. C'mon!!! Get those pix of the interior! Get up close! No black suburbans are going to haul you off!!! JUST DO IT!!!
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