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Bassani Headers and Exhaust

So I've been looking into LT headers for quite some time. More window shopping than anything else really. I've mostly only been window shopping because that little voice in my head is going "do you really NEED" LT headers?" but then the other voice is sitting there going "But I really WANT LT headers":seesaw: <- see it's awful. But regardless, I'm in a position to get the full Bassani system for a very good price. I've also got a possibly buyer for my current exhaust (JBA 3" + HF cats) which would help with the hit I'd take from the Bassani set up.

I'm a pretty logical person, I do EMS and firefighting so I've got the whole triage thing down. That's kind of what I'm doing in my head about this. Want vs. Need. I guess really I'm just being indecisive because I know that I really do WANT the bassani system. *Note: I was told that the 100 hp unicorn jizz is not included in my total price*

I guess I can't really explain what's holding me back from this all honesty I'm just weighing the financial part of all this in my head. *yay for being fiscally responsible and thinking long term* but at the same time, what's the fun in being responsible all the time? If I was responsible all the time and thought things through I would be driving a civic or something that gets 30+ highway.

But I don't care. Honestly I don't, I love Kaylee more than anything. If I were legally allowed (and not be judged by family members) I would marry her in a heartbeat, wouldn't even have to think about it.

But yea, sorry for the long post, kind of just started ranting for a bit. I mean it was a good rant, but still I kind of got off topic like 3 paragraphs ago. So, bassani 1 7/8" headers, 2.5" high flow cats, and 2.5" exhaust. Opinions, I would like some. Seriously though, I feel like I'm the only one in this thread sometimes.
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