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Talking German Camaro Community @ Chevrolet's 100th Birthday Celebration in Switzerland


What better event and location could be chosen for the 3rd German Fest than Switzerland
where the 100th birthday of Louis Chevrolet was celebrated in La-Chaux-de-Fonds
the place where Louis was born and raised, before seeking out for new adventures in America in 1900.

Done deal - let's rock Switzerland!

After last years 2nd Camaro fest being one hell of a success
and an event where friends were made and the enthusiasm around the Camaro was "adequately" celebrated
the 3rd Fest was doomed to be a success before even starting!

2+ convoys set out to gather in Yverdons-les-Bains to hold the 3rd German Camaro Fest in a location close to Chevrolets cradle.
This area of Switzerland obviously was shellshocked after 25+ Camaros roared across its roads reminding its inhabitants of the Louis Chevrolets heritage.
It didn't take long before waves of curious spectators started gawking at what has woken them up earlier.
Our homebase became somewhat center of town pretty quickly.

Not having met in person for quite a while, getting together again, meeting friends from all over the country
was as fun as looking out for everybodies new mods and tweaks done over the winter. I am honestly proud to be a member of this community
a bunch of completely freak out enthusiasts with the right attitude. Such an event is all about its members and of course their cars.
In some videos you will see in some faces that nights were as long as the days ;-)

Cruises and trips were planned to enjoy what the Camaro was made for:

It's good to see that a car obviously designed for the American Way of Drive was doing a fantastic job out on the very narrow and bumpy roads of Switzerland.
Although I can already foresee some Group Buys around new front lips, cats and cut-outs after having excessively lowered some of our cars

On Sunday then, the Celebration took place in La-Chaux-de-Fonds where over a thousand Chevrolets of all decades of gathered to pay homage to Louis Chevrolet.

One of the major attractions at this event was the parade held in the town center showing 60 memorable Chevrolet models covering 100 years of Chevrolet

Representing the modern aspect of Chevrolets achievements our bunch of Camaros settled in one location in close proximity of the center of the event.
Despite not being the most exotic car out there, the camaro still attracted all sorts of curious spectators asking questions and taking pictures
of a car that so far has not yet been seen a lot on European roads.
Obviously the attention increased dramatically after our small convoy set out to leave the event in the evening

Long story short: Homerun! This event was definetly the highlight of 2011 so far!
The 4th Camaro Fest is already planned to take place late August this year in the center of Germany.
With twice as much cars and friends to be met or made this is definetly something to look forward to....

Enjoy the pictures and videos!!!
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