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More decals and parts out of the parts bin, no huge difference there. There wasn't a ton of folks dishing out the extra $995 MSRP for the first version. That could be because the first version almost didn't happen and was actually late in getting out there. I guess they wanted to see if GM could survive.

I'm having trouble seeing someone dropping and extra $3K on THIS version, especially when the ZL1 is coming around the corner. Maybe I'm wrong. I guess hardcore Transfomer fans would do so. I envision less than 1000 units sold. Just my predicition. Maybe part of the cost is that you're getting the RS package included, although the HIDs is the only thing that seems would make much difference otherwise.

If they just didn't muck it up with that shopping cart spoiler (closest to the movie, true, but it still sucks IMO), I think it would work. ACS has the new hood vent cutouts and the T3 ports for those that want the upgrade there. I think that would really finish the look out, save for the grill. Not thrilled about the yellow stitching, but they don't always have to put stuff on I like anyway.

Notice, too, it's only on the coupe. Too bad they didn't have a drop top version.

Interestingly the concept picture isn't in RY. I'll bet more people will whine about it when they actually see it.

A couple of's not coming standard as you see it in the pics according to the writeup. The black in the grille area isn't mentioned in the grille area at all, and the ground FX and 21" wheels are options. I'm sure SOMEONE will start working on the grille, though.

Regardless, I hope they sell a million of them.
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