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Treasure Coast Camaro 5
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Cool TCC5-SFC5 PBIR Invitational Drag Night

Treasure Coast Camaro 5 proudly invites South Florida Camaro 5 and all other Camaros to the Palm Beach International Raceway on Friday, July 29th for a night of open 1/4 mile drag racing!

This IS an open event/Test N' Tune for PBIR so there will be other cars running, however let's show some Chevy pride as we flood the track with some of the baddest Camaro's Florida has to offer!

Fri, July 29th
Race hours are 6pm-11pm
17047 Beeline Hwy.
Jupiter, FL 33478
Admission price is $25/drivers, $10/spectators (kids 12 and under, free)

PRE-STAGE area at the new Valero gas station just West of the 95 exit on Kanner Hwy, caravan leaves at 6:00pm sharp!

All those attending please post up on this site, and we'll keep a running roster. Please sign up in the following format so we can do our best to set match-ups if possible... (keep in mind, it's an "open" track night, PBIR will not provide bracketing for us, it's on us to arrange and track the races)

Screen name, Engine size, Modifications (Stock/Bolt-ons/Superchargers/Turbos)

Poll results are in, and the vast majority chose Yardhouse in Palm Beach Gardens for the after-track party...dinner/drinks/bragging!!!!

Yardhouse: 11701 Lake Victoria Gardens, Palm Beach Gardens

Let the games begin!

Extreme Performance-SS x3/Bolt-Ons/Racing & Pit Crew
Drago77- 2SS/Bolt-Ons/Racing -13.8
FLRS- Spectators
G200Pilot- 2SS/Supercharger/Racing - 11.3
Baby02- Spectators
UF4LIFE2010SS- SS/Supercharged/Racing - 0.00... "I smell gas!!!! and brakes!!!!"
Ivanrivera- Spectators
MikePage- 2SS/Supercharger/Racing - 11.9
CleanwhiteSS- 2SS/Bolt-ons/Racing - 13.9
Jamie068-V6/Bolt-ons/Racing - 14.7
BumblebeeSS2009- 2SS/bolt-ons/Racing 13.2
Go big or go home-V6//Racing 14.9
Black11SS-2SS/Bolt-ons/Racing - 15.6
Jim- 2SS/Stock - 14.1
CAMARO98RS - 4thGen- Bolt-on- 12.7
Mark - 2SS/Bolt-On - 13.4
Joe- 2SS/Bolt-On- 13.7
Steve- LT - 15.5

Lashway Motorsports

Torq -Pit Crew (Ford) - 12.49
GreenMonster- V6/Bolt-ons/Racing -
Cal20112SS- 2SS/Bolt-ons, Cam/Racing
TheNYX- 2SS/bolt-ons/Racing
Hozay- Spectator
Dylanx- V6/Racing - 14.6
Cipriank/2ss/bolt ons/racing
Erik(Torq) ???
Jokerism ???
Havanashmo ???
Mr.Maro23 ???
DoeBoi152 ???
CulionMovil ???
Camaroshark ???
Nuclearenvoy ???
John M. ??? - 13.2
GeorgeC5 ???

RedDragonSS- 2SS/Bolt-ons/Racing - 13.17
Camarovigoa- 2SS/Supercharger/Racing
Stb3222- 2SS/bolt-ons/Racing
Fast Eddie-2SS/Stock/racing - 13.13 (HELL of a time for STOCK!!!!!!!)
Xavier02832- 2SS/Supercharger/Racing - 12.2
Flash63-RS/Bolt-ons/Racing - 14.71

Beauwolf (not sure where you fall???) - 14.16 (V6)

Anyone else- get me your times and I'll update!!!!!

ANOTHER great Treasure Coast Camaro 5 event! Pics n vids below!

Special THANKS to South Florida Camaro 5 and Tri-County Camaro 5 for coming out! It was a long drive for everyone, and a crowded night, but I'm PROUD to say Camaro's ruled the house in overwhelming numbers!!!!!! Great People, Great Cars= GREAT event!!!!!!!

My apologies to all those not captured during the event... camera girls did their best! Please feel free to hit me up @ with any additional pix/vids to add! It takes awhile to upload them, but I'll do my best to get them up!




Terry V Billy





Kev (#2)

Billy (#2) vs Jamie

Terry (#2)



Mike (#2)

And Tony... almost pulling it out against George!
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