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Originally Posted by jgr View Post
Dale sr. would be proud of little E, he is a stand up guy/man of the people,just has a bigger bank book. Top ten in points in 2011.
I would have to disagree with SR being happy with his son.
1 He sold out on DEI
2 He is not his own man his sister calls the shots!
3 Sr could care less what anyone thought of him personally
4 Top 10 would mean nothing to SR as he used to get mad coming from a provisional to finish 2nd!
5 Jr can not call for the adjustments like pops could something that you cant teach someone
6 Perhaps if Dale had not departed when he did Jr would of learned Sooo much more, now he just has handlers in the Nascar Circus.

I could add more but I think you get my point....Oh yeah like the car as well!
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