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Then you're gonna love me
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Oh wow...

I'm a long time lurker, never had the nerve to post here but after fbodfather's posting about the leak... I had to. Excuse my ramblings and then I'll get to the leaked photo....

I was never a muscle car guy, my friends always were and I would just listen when car talk came about. Just living my ordinary life, paying bills and just moving through life slowly. Then the Transformers movie came out and I saw the Golden (yellow) chalice of existence called the Concept Camaro (Bumblebee). I could not stop talking about the car after the movie. Seriously.

Like the Hulk, massive amounts of adrenaline pump through my veins when I read through the posts... everyone else feels the same!... my life has been altered by the new Camaro. I have a black JADA model at my office, I have the poster of it and I see it every morning. People walk by my desk telling me how wicked the car looks and saying, "I didn't know you were into cars?". I always reply... "I wasn't until the new Camaro shot 100,000,000 watts of electricity into my heart."

To be honest, I'd say it's more like 98% of the people love the concept, the women around the office even talk about the camaro cuz of me. The day I pull up to my work's parking lot in one... I just go nuts in anticipation!

As "bad" as the lighting and angle were on this leaked photo, I stared at my computer for like 10 minutes. My co-worker had to punch me to snap me out of it. It's so beautiful. You brought a non-car fan into your circle GM and I thank you now for the enjoyment your car will bring to me for a very long time. I trust you fbodfather but it's just so painful not have the Camaro now.

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