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Originally Posted by calbert1999 View Post
Wickedly sick ride man, crazy. Nice job.
Are you planning on installing a SC? Also, what kind of raw power you making with the 429ci.?
thanx man, nah I plan on stayin naturally aspirated. It makes 703 hp.

Originally Posted by Wvallediego View Post
Really inspiration to all of us.
Appreciate that!
Originally Posted by CamaroSkooter View Post
First time I've seen this thread. Your car is absolutely stunning!

I saw that your front fascia has the mailslot delete. Any idea how exactly that was performed? I've seen where people have issues filling it in and there's a slight outline in the fascia where you can see where the mail slot used to be. Yours doesn't do that at all, and it looks amazing.

Pushing 610 at the wheels on all motor is just bad ass! There's really no other way to describe it.
thanx brotha, used a poly plastic to fill the slot no issues and it was filled many months ago.
Originally Posted by OCD View Post
We're all get looks when people see our cars. What do people do when they see and hear that thing?

And yes, that car makes me melt.
lol, yeah they look to see where the racket is coming from then the cell phones come out with pics or they're on the line telln someone about it (lots of fun when I have my little boy with me)

Originally Posted by Tx1Lt View Post
Jeebus! That thing is awesome!
thanx brotha

Originally Posted by Overflow View Post
Nice stripes and spoiler! Your Camaro is awesome!
thanx, glad you like it.
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