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Originally Posted by cam62 View Post
Long story. I searched and searched for black top and black seats. I finally found one in the houston area, I live in Tampa. Got the buyers order, sold my truck, rented a car to get me around till the car was shipped. Just as we were ready to close the deal, I found out the car was a demo and we couldn't agree on the concessions.

Dummy.. put the cart before the horse. Then I was on the clock. 30.00 per day rental. This one was the only IBM (blue was a requirement for me) that was available and at a dealer only 60 miles away from me.

Is IBM still constrained. Is it discontinued for 2012 model year?

So, I began liking the the tan.. hehehee.. and being in Florida, drop top.. maybe the tan seats won't get so hot.. oh well.. we have HOT cars.

I'm very happy with the color combination. I suppose I could dye the top if I wanted. We'll see.

Window tinting and a few other things coming up.
I think the tan looks great with IBM! I'm sure the tan is cooler too lol, when I get into my car in the afternoon I just about die
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