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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
could a new Z28 weigh less than 3,750 lbs.? if so how?
I think 3700 to 3750 with 480 hp would be the target to build a great Z28. That's about halfway between the SS and V6. Its only about...100-150 pounds that would need to be shaved for that target. SS curb weight is 3849lb.

Places that weight savings could come from...wheels - 20 lbs, carbon fiber body pieces such as bonnet (20 lbs) and bootlid - (20 lbs), rear seat delete option - (30 lbs.?), smaller and hopefully lighter 5.5 liter DI Gen V engine block (30 lbs?), apparently the mufflers on the current car are extremely heavy so some weight can be saved there (30 lbs). I think all those add up to about 150 lbs or more in weight savings. My estimates were pretty conservative where I was unsure what the difference would be. It might be even more like 3650 or so. And that's not half bad.
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