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I ordered my IOM around mid-July 2009. At the time, the 5th Gen had been out for about 5 months and was in very high demand. Every dealer in the San Antonio Area was marking up the Camaros as much as $5K OVER MSRP!! Mind you, I was also looking at the Nissan 370Z and the Infinity G37. It was my 11-year old daughter that convinced me to get a Camaro. So, I called up Lundquist Chevy and spoke to Jesse Mike. He told me he would sell me a new 2010 SS at MSRP. I took my family down there and met up with Jesse, super nice guy! He showed us an IBM SS w/white rally stripes. He even let us hear the engine and gave it a few revs! I was sold! I knew I had to have one of these ASAP! The only down-side was I had to order one and it would take about 3 months before delivery!! Well, I placed my order and played the waiting game. That's when I joined Camaro5 and started reading about everything that was going on. I noticed that someone was assisting with tracking Camaro orders by way of VIN number. So, as soon as I got my number from Jesse, I entered my information on C5 and was able to track my car as it was being built and delivered by rail/truck. Here are more pictures of the IOM on delivery day!
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