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Originally Posted by mattyb65 View Post
Not sure how you got your numbers Phail..seem slightly off...or am I missing something?

If you look at the 2LT it looks like its an increase of $1k on the base and $50 on the delivery charge. So it's $1,050 higher than 2011. But also check out the price of the RS package has gone down for the 2LT...

Still a little higher than I was hoping for.
Took the list price numbers from Becky's 2011 price listing and compared them to this year, delivery charges was a static $50 jump, ($850 up to $900) as well if you want to count that on all models.

You can go ahead and compare the other trim level options, I just figured since I was doing the math on base models for myself, I might as well throw the numbers up.
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