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so the top top fully fully loadess 2ss rs is around 45 - 50000 for every option...
how about these other top level cars and prices...
top level honda accord 42000
top level honda s2000 49000
top level civic 34000
ford mustang gt loaded 42000
challenger rt - srt 45- 55000*
audi a4 2.0t 45000 4 cyl!!!!
audi a5 55000+
bmw 335i 60000 +

what im getting at is in canada this car beats all of the above in styling power and all etc. (according to us) but beats most of them in price. and all of them in everything else... so when it comes to canadian pricing its actually not that bad when compared to everything else... a nissan 350z was 50000 brand new while in the states it was about 29000... at the time
30000 dollar cars are generally 45000 - 50000 dollars
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