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In with Pedders.

The front insert is 100x easier to install. They are super easyÖ.only takes seconds to put them on once the retaining washer is removed. That was easy as well using the two hammer method. At least thatís what worked for meÖ..about 4 good blows of the hammer and they popped right off.

The only PITA I had to contend with was getting the top rear insert to go in under the alignment pin. I ended up doing both front inserts first and then moved on to the rear. I lowered the cradle as much as I could with the front bolts still in by a few threads. There still wasnít enough room so I had to use a pry bar to get it down enough to push the insert under the alignment pin. Once under the pin you can then push it up and rotate it freely to get it to the right spot. I happened to be working alone this time so it was difficult using all my weight with one arm to pry down and then using my other hand to push the insert under the pin. One went in after about two trys. The other one took a lot more effort and a little extra cussing. This is definitely where a second set of hands will really come in handy.

I ended up getting the cradle slightly off alignment with the pins. It took me a little bit to figure out that had happened. It was easily fixed by using the pry bar to pry it over in the direction needed. Then the whole cradle popped into place and bolts went right back in.

I just installed them the other day and have only put maybe 15 miles on the car since then so I canít give you a full review on how much they helped. I hope to get back out to the drag strip sometime this month and Iíll have a better idea then. I will say that it wasnít day and night difference because I already had the ES inserts in so the body already felt firm just from those. Iím sure the Pedders are going to help more based on just how much more rigid their insert was over the ES inserts. The front insert also has a lot more contact area with the body of the car over the design of the ES or BMR inserts.
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