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Ginger gets a Braille light weight race battery!

So I have a goal of reducing Ginger's weight without taking anything away from being able to daily driver. I was a little worried about this battery not holding up, since I always have my Ac on, stereo blasting and raise/lower my top multiple times everyday. I have had it on for almost a week now and it has been GREAT! It actually has a little more voltage than the stock battery. Keep in mind I also have the ASP under drive pulley so the alternator is spinning slower than stock and the battery still hold up great. Only think I don't do anymore is sit in the car with it off and lights/stereo on or operate the top.

Stock battery is about 44 lbs and this one is just under 15 lbs. I also removed the compressor/slime and styrofoam holder. So all together I lost about 36 lbs.

I used some foam pads I had laying around to secure the battery in the stock location.

Cost of Today's mod: $158.52
Braille 2015 15 lb battery $158.52

I just checked Ebay and found one for $130 shipped
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