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Nitrous, Methanol, continuous cooling

Just a theoretical question for everyone. First, the background of my question.

The big benefit for Nitrous is the cooling/denser charge of air&fuel, leading to more power. But this is a short term technique. You don't run a car on Nitrous 100% of the time.

TC and SC, on the other hand, run 100% of the time. They force more air&fuel into the engine, but in a sustainable fashion. They also are 10X more expensive.

Methanol injection is a technique that's new to me, but I understand it basically cools the intake charge. Not sure if this has any horsepower increase, or if its ONLY a detonation prevention tool. But I know when people want to maximize their output, they add Methanol to Forced Induction

So, suppose someone wanted to run a cooler and/or denser charge 100% of the time, but not necessarily at the level of TC or SC? What if someone just wanted to gain say, 50 HP? Would there be a theoretical way of using methanol as a much safer alternative to Nitrous? Again, I have no idea if Meth gives ANY gain in and of itself. This is just a curiosity question. Just idle curiosity I thought I'd pass to the group at large to see what you thought.

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