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Tracking All Currently Known US VIN and Window Stickers - Order Tracking Thread

I've got the VIN database up at . If your VIN is on there, feel free to click "claim" to claim it as yours (although it really doesn't mean anything). If your window sticker page is working and has been for a day or two but still isn't in the database, shoot me a PM and I'll look into it.
We don't know exactly when the VINs show up but it seems to be somewhere in the ballpark of when it's invoiced and/or shipped. Your dealer will have access to your VIN days or weeks before it shows up on the site.

Excel export as of 11-18-09

The window sticker page only works from approximately the time it ships to the time the customer takes delivery. If the window sticker page is blank it either means the vin you supplied is not a valid VIN or it hasn't shipped/invoiced yet or it's already been delivered to the customer.

The script that captures the info for my site is not perfect. It just loads the window sticker page for each potentially valid VIN and if it works, it inserts it into the database. Sometimes the page will timeout when trying to load so the VIN may be up but my script will fail to get it. The big problem is that I can't scan every possible VIN every day, it would just be far, far too many and would take too long and be too much load on both my system and GM's. So I scan the last few hundred possible and the next 500 possible. This would work pretty well if GM put the window sticker pages in order. But they don't. It might take one day for it to show up or it might take two weeks. I simply can't scan that large of a range To help remedy this, I run a scan once a week that does a much wider range to hopefully pick up those stragglers that got missed the first time around. We also don't have the ability to pull info on Canadian cars as they use a different website and last I checked, they aren't making their Camaro info available. So yes, some get missed. But there really isn't much we can do about it.

The new format for the url is...
where you put the VIN number where it says VINNUMBERHERE. If it doesn't work, it may show up later.

As always, YOUR DEALER has access to more info about your car than anyone here does. So please contact them!

I had a request to add the R6P information to the table. Since I previously had not been capturing that data, we will only have valid data for cars that are currently (as of 6-2-2009) showing on the sticker pages. If the car wasn't a R6P car or is no longer on the site, it will always just show unchecked and the date found field will be empty. So the easiest way to tell if the R6P field is "valid" is to see if it has a value for the date. Here's a couple links that may help...

All R6P cars (ones found today and going forward)

Non-R6P cars (ones found today and going forward)

GM VIN Card (PDF, explains what the numbers in the VIN mean)

This page can help you calculate your VIN if you have the partial.

Everything below this line is outdated but kept for historical reasons
We are no longer finding VINs.
GM is no longer putting Camaros on the car lookup tools for and so we're dead in the water. Thanks GM!
So this thread started off as just us finding a few window stickers of the first few cars by hand on the site. But much, much more has happened since. We've gone on to create a database or registry of sorts of all known camaros. We had been using which showed us all the information on US cars but no Canadian cars. is a bit more difficult but when cars started disappearing form and no new cars were showing up, we decided to switch. Now only is working and only one-per-dealer v6 lot cars are showing up. Yes, cars are still being built. People keep getting VINs from their dealers even though they don't show up on either or

No, I cannot tell you anything about your order. All of the information I have is public information. I am not hiding anything and have no ability to look up more information. Dealers do have access to more information. The best place to find information about your order is your dealer as they have the most information possible. If you are looking to find out rail car numbers, hold information, etc, your dealer can contact the Dealer Business Center (DBC) and obtain that information for you. Yea, it'll take them a little extra effort but if you ask nicely, and they don't suck, they shouldn't have a problem doing it.

KK2010SS has been using his access to railroad tracking information to obtain rail car info and tracking info for cars. Once your car is built and shipped, it just might pop up there. That would probably be the easiest way to track your car (vs calling your dealer and hounding them). Each railroad has varying levels of tracking abilities and HuJass has compiled a list of the information for each.

The pertinent links:

heinzd01's spreadsheets This spreadsheet is being updated painstakingly by hand by heinzd01.

My live database ( is data source) -

The spreadsheet has a bit more information as it was created by hand. My database is updated automatically by script and I plan on keeping it up for the foreseeable future as it doesn't require much work to keep going. heinzd01 will likely quit editing the spreadsheet eventually as it is somewhat labor intensive.

Old posts below.

I tried figuring out #10 but gave up. I used information from here and a vin calculator to figure out the check digits.

The guy who said he was #9 (from TX) was mistaken.

Basically if you know the VIN you can just punch it in here where all those Xs are the valid VIN you'd like to look up
Using this information we've been able to find LOTs of VINs/Window stickers! heinzd01 has created a spreadsheet that he updates regularly with found VINs.

I've created a web page that updates automatically every morning with all of the found window stickers. I'll leave this running for a while.

Edit 2: There's now a live database that will catalog all of the found vehicles. I'll work on improving the interface of it ASAP but you can at least see the data now. Only the most common options are included in the database. heinzd01 is still updating his spreadsheet for those that prefer that format.

Edit 3: Why we're only seeing about 25% of the VINs.
Right now, GM is working on the one-per-dealer cars (which is why there was a constraint on V6s). This accounts for about 50% of production. These cars have not been assigned to dealers yet and therefore do not show up in the system that we have. Once they are assigned to dealers, they should begin showing up in the reports. Expect an explosion of v6s relatively soon.

Second one... Canada. We cannot see Canadian VINs. uses a slightly different page format that requires the correct dealer code for the specified VIN. Obviously, we don't have that information so we can't lookup those cars.

Edit 4: Created a map system based on the data. More info at

Edit 5: The US window sticker site is no longer working. Not sure if GM broke it because of us or if it's just broken but at any rate, it's not returning valid Camaro information anymore. So, I created a new page/script that uses the Canada site to pull the information. The good thing is that it also has Canadian cars. The bad thing is that it's a bit less reliable and it's missing some information (interior color, etc). You can still click on the page and refresh several times for yourself to see the missing information but the formatting isn't reliable enough for my script to pull automatically into the database. You can access the new tracking page at
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