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Word from dealership???

Has anyonee gotten any info from thier respective dealership concerning where their cars are at and when they expect it to be build as well as arrival date?

Windward Servco in Hawaii closed down the Chevy Division in Nov/Dec 2008, so the only information they have been getting is from the camaro5 forum. Looks like the chevy division decided not to let the other Toyota, Honda salesman to have access to Chevy database so now they cant get information for thier clients. Kinda sucks.

If you have a salesman that is willing to help to let me know where I am at in line, I would really appreciate it, or even better if you could have the access codes to the database to my salesman so that he can take care of his customers. Especially the Leeward and Windward Servco car dealerships work under one company.

Also, please let us know if someone in Hawaii gets their camaro first. I think everyone would be willing to drive anywhere on the island to see it.

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